Nora Aunor will always be remembered. The phenomenal
superstar. The legend. Coupled with other titles coined
after that. But she will always be that little brown gal from

The gods and goddesses must have been kind to her. For
when they gifted mortals with talent, Nora Aunor must have
made her presence felt.

Her golden voice was the best thing that ever came into her
life. For it endeared her to the hearts of millions of Filipinos.
And through that voice came out her sensitivity in becoming
the country's greatest and finest actress. And who would
ever contest that.

The movie industry's history will not be complete without the
Nora Aunor. From my time, to your time, even to our
descendant's time.- Pilar Mateo, Showbiz Manila #8

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October 19, 2014
Cinema of the Philippines: A History
and Filmography, 1897-2005

I bought this book from hoping to see a Nora
Aunor chapter.

And it did not disappoint.

You cannot write a Philippine
Cinema history book without a
mention of Nora Aunor.

Fe, Esperanza, Caridad, Banaue,
Minsa'y isang Gamu-gamo, Tatlong
Taong Walang Diyos, and Himala
are all featured in the book.

The writer neglected to include
Nora's Brocka movies: Bona and
Ina Ka ng Anak mo.

Learn more about these movies
from our
Filmography section.
...Aunor would shine during the
Second Golden Era, not just as one
of the most popular box office draws,
but also through starring roles in
some of the most impressive films of
the era...