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Ang Tindera - Nora Aunor
About the Album

It would undoubtedly be true to say that every stage of Nora Aunor's career has been marked
by outstanding successes brought about by the care and devotion she brings to everything
she does.

This collection has something for everyone. This includes some original material especially
selected for this album such as Ang Tindera, Kusinera, Binibini ng Palengke, Despatsadora,
among others. Also included are traditional and standard classic melodies like the lovely
Mariposa, and four of the enchanting compositions of Danny Holmsen such as Bulaklak sa
Parang, Nagbalik na Lumipas, Nagmamahalan, and Sa Aming Muling Pagkikita.

Truly, Nora can sing the fun songs and the ballad tunes as no one else can.Now, let us feel the
musical experience in a collection that captures all that's best about Nora and her music.

1. Mariposa (D. Holmsen - A. Fernando)
2. Kusinera (D. Holmsen - E. dela Pena)
3. Despatsadora (D. Holmsen - A. Fernando)
4. Unang Halik (D. Holmsen - A. Fernando)
5. Binatang Makisig (D. Holmsen - A. Fernando)
6. Ang Tindera (D. Holmsen - A. Fernando)
7. Binibini ng Palengke (D. Holmsen - E. dela Pena)
8. Bulaklak sa Parang (D. Holmsen - A. Fernando)
9. Bata Pa Ako (D. Holmsen)
10. Nagmamahalan (D. Holmsen)
11. Nagbalik na Lumipas (D. Holmsen - E. dela Pena)
12. Sa Aming Muling Pagkikita (D. Holmsen - E. dela Pena)

Originally Released 1971

Re-issued in compact disc 1999.

Vol. 18 Classic Collection of Nora Aunor.

From the CD Cover. posted 11/19/06