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Near the end of the film, Intalan unleashes Aunor’s powers. In its climactic
scene, Intalan suddenly makes use of a rare extreme close-up, on Aunor’s
evocative eyes, trembling and pregnant with decades’ worth of memories
breaking free from their cages...
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The Superstar shines best in her moments of silence, and silence runs aplenty
in dementia...
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Just when you thought La Aunor has already done it all, she surprises us once
again by bringing to life a mentally unstable and distraught woman with such a
complex character
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Indeed, this is La Aunor at one of her best moments on screen. For a few
seconds, her face registers both the good and happy past and the sad, if,
twisted, turns of events in her life
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Of course, the sterling performance of Nora Aunor never disappoints...Read the

Nora Aunor totally matches the swirling forces of nature on display throughout
the movie with a dervish of a performance that involves very little spoken
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The Cult Of Nora Aunor will be in for another display of the Superstar’s
flawless acting. As always, she is brilliant...
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Nora Aunor turns films into events; characters into magnified views of those
characters. Here her celebrated eye-acting, endless and translucent, is a sight
breath-taking on its own;...
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Ate Guy is a different actress here. Siguro dahil first time ko lang siyang
makitang nag-horror at less and speaking lines. Pero aktres talaga si Ate Guy—
konti na nga lang ang speaking lines, great acting pa rin...
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As always though, Nora Aunor can elevate any script to a higher level. She was
mostly quiet here because of her mental disability, but her screen presence
was really riveting despite her limited lines. As we all know, her eyes and her
face speak eloquently by themselves
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And of course the one and the only premiere actress of our country Ms. Nora
Aunor once again nailed her character as Mara in this film. She effectively
portrays and makes us believe on her character. Napaka expressive ng mga
mata niya, konti lang ang dialogue niya sa pelikula at puro nuances lang siya
but her presence was really felt in the film...
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