Review: My Blue Hawaii

As-long-as-Nora’s-the-star-anything-goes is the biting refrain of
this review, that grimaces over another box-office hit starring
Nora Aunor.

In Sampaguita’s “My Blue Hawaii,” the singing Superstar plays a
Hawaiian lass wooed by an ambiguous character whose only
function is to enable Tirso Cruz III to act cute and display the
worn-out conventions of puppy love so endearing to the “Ever
Loyal Nora-Tirso Original Fans Club.” Luis Gonzales as a pilot,
and Gloria Romero as his demanding wife(who makes him
choose between her and his job) provide the subplot in this twin
love story.

Like the proverbial procession, which may wind here and there,
near and far, but inevitably ends up in church, this mediocre
story resolves all quarrels and ends in reconciliations.

The rest of the supporting cast, plays meaningless “comic”
roles. The direction and the cinematography, in itself color-bad,
can do nothing with a lousy story.

As a bonus, Nora sings a dozen songs with Tirso. As long as
Nora’s the star, everyone’s happy. After viewing the movie over
and over, the fans leave, afflicted with all thesymptoms of
escapism in their twinkling eyes and lightfooted steps, to the
popular tune of “Pearly Shells.”

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