Nora Aunor Fan Site
Album Tracks Include:

  • Together Forever (Duet)
  • Take Away The Sunshine (Nora)
  • Smile Please (Boyet)
  • Morning Side of the Mountain (Duet)
  • All In Love Is Fair (Nora)
  • Bagyo Kang Talaga (Boyet)
  • I Got Caught Dancing Again (Nora)
  • Love Me For A Reason (Boyet)
  • The Trouble With Hello is Goodbye (Nora)
  • Happy Man (Boyet)
  • Hello, Goodnight, Goodbye (Nora)
  • I'm Leaving It All Up To You (Duet)

Nora's songs were included in the recent compilation CD released by
Vicor for their 40th Anniversary called