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Nora Today CD

Originally released1971
Re-issued in compact disc 2000.
Classic Collection of Nora Aunor Vol 19

Nora Today - Nora Aunor
About the Album

It seems that the talents of Nora Aunor knows no boundaries. Her music
appeals to all generations. She has brought pleasures to many millions
of people.

In this album, she does two things to torch song: she sings them with
gentle deep feeling a soft, hurt voice; or stands there and drives that
golden voice of hers until the hairs on the back of your neck stand up
and quiver.

This album is a full program of the soft and the steaming.

For example, the opening song A Promise of Love is one of those
bitter, sweet, lovelost songs that seems to have been written for Nora.

Other moments to savor and to remember in this album are: Adios my
Love, Bless the Beast and the Children, The Impossible Dream, Song
Without End, among others.

They add up to the kind of performance that Nora has made all her own.
Yesterday, Today and for many years to come.

Album Tracks include

1. A Promise of Love (C. Sweeny - M. Charlap)

2. So Lucky (Billy Owen)

3. The Impossible Dream (J. Darlon - M. Leigh)

4. Sing (Joe Raposo)

5. A Love Song (C. Gierard - J. Johnston)

6. Bless the Beast and the Children (B. De Vorzon - T. Botkin Jr.)

7. Song Without End (Petula Clark)

8. Adios My Love (Newell - Hadjidakis)

9. I'd Love You to Want Me (Lobo)

10. I've Found Someone of My Own (F. Robinson)

11. Teardrop on Teardrop (M. Murray - P. Callander)

12. I Like Your Music (Sonny Curtis)

from the CD album